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Appliances are a huge part of our everyday life. Refrigerators keep our food cold, stovetops, ovens, and microwaves cook our meals, dishwashers clean up our mess, water heaters keep us warm and clean. When they’re working properly and were well-installed, we don’t usually give our appliances a second thought. But if they’re not, they can wreak major havoc on us.

A simple example is the exhaust vent on an ordinary clothes dryer, which does a lot of unseen work. It expels up to a gallon of water in vapor form from each load of laundry. However, if it’s improperly installed, it can cause major water or fire damage. A dryer that vents air indoors can be the cause of serious mold. When the ductwork is not as straight as possible, lint and other debris get stuck in the duct and can be a major fire hazard. If you ever have any doubt about installing an appliance, be sure to hire a professional.

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