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Popsicles. Air conditioning. Sunglasses. Shorts and flip-flops. Beach balls. Iced tea. Snow cones. Ice cream! These are just a few of the amazing things in life that clearly signal the arrival of summer. You may have already enjoyed one or more of these things. Another thing that is the source of many happy summer memories for most people is spending time in the swimming pool. However, owning a swimming pool also comes with a big responsibility – keeping your kids safe from unsupervised use of the pool.

There are a lot of different types of alarm systems that can be installed in or around a pool to help you keep an eye on things. Some systems include sensors that float on top of the water, others have sensors on the pool walls, others have proximity sensors on pool gates, and still others include wristbands worn by kids. Whichever type – or types – you choose, you can enjoy the summer even more knowing that you’ve done your best to keep your kids safe.

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