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As seasons change, we’re all faced with new routines in caring for our homes. This time of year, raking leaves becomes a necessity. This is because extensive leaf cover can be deadly for the grass, blocking necessary airflow and sunlight, which are important well into the autumn.

However, you may not need to spend every waking hour on your lawn with a rake in hand. Consider upgrading your lawn care equipment arsenal with a leaf blower, or a bagging attachment for your lawnmower, or a mulching mower. Tools like these can make your leaf clearing routine a lot easier.

For example, if you wait until the leaves are dry and crispy, a mulching mower can chop those leaves into tiny bits, which can be beneficial for your lawn. Certain types of leaves have been shown to introduce nitrogen into the soil, reducing the growth of weeds. It may take a couple of extra passes with the mower to get the leaves small enough, but it sure beats raking for hours.

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