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Whether it’s cutting the grass, weeding the garden, clearing out an old shed, this time of the year, there seems to be an endless amount of backyard projects. With that in mind, we’d like to remind you to watch out for a nasty little plant that is often found in countless yards throughout this country – toxicodendron.

What is toxicodendron? It’s the scientific name for poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac. These plants excrete an oily sap that can be extremely irritating to your skin and stays on these plants even after they’ve died.

It’s important to wear long sleeves, pants, and work gloves if you need to remove this plant from your yard. Once you’ve finished, immediately wash them (maybe even a couple of times!) and take a hot shower to remove any oil from you and them.

Never, ever burn these plants, since the smoke can cause serious problems in your lungs or eyes, and can easily drift into your neighbor’s property.

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