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As this pandemic goes on, states have been lifting or easing various restrictions in order to work toward going back to a “normal” routine. Regardless of how that works out, chances are good that this pandemic will have a tremendous impact on most people’s routines from here on out.

As an example, while many people may have had a routine of cleaning and disinfecting their homes, this pandemic has shone a light on additional ways to keep our homes free from infection, and these routines can be beneficial far beyond the end of this pandemic. Some have included disinfecting common touchpoints in their home regularly, but especially after they arrive home from handling necessary activities in the outside world. There are plenty of commercial disinfectant solutions, but even a simple solution of bleach and water (5 tbsp bleach/1 gallon water) is recommended by the CDC to kill most viruses. This is just one way that you can keep your home free from viruses, even after this pandemic is over.

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