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Some sources say that every 13 seconds, a burglary is committed in the United States. While you may not be able to do much to prevent these kinds of statistics for the whole country, there are some things you can do to prevent burglaries from happening at your property.

Owners of rental properties have at least two added reasons to keep them safe and secure. First, your rental property means your income and perhaps your livelihood. Second, you are indirectly responsible for the safety and security of your tenants. So what are some ways you can keep your property and your tenants safe?

Locks are very important. Ensuring you have functioning locks on windows and doors can do a lot to prevent burglary. Some homeowners have also installed additional door or window locks that enable you to partially open them but still prevent unauthorized entry. Of course, when you or your tenants are not home, it can be helpful to keep drapes or shades down so that it’s harder to tell if someone is there or not.

There are also many different types of security systems available to you, regardless of the size of your budget. Doorbell cameras, motion detectors, alarm systems, security lighting, and even just simple security signage can do much to prevent damage or burglary at your rental property.

It’s a crazy world out there. Keep yourself, your property, and your tenants safe!

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