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Productive Sheltering Projects

After you've gotten through the entire library of your preferred streaming service, listened to all the albums and all the podcasts, played all the board games, and baked all the things, what are you going to do to fill your time? Here are some simple projects that...

Keeping Your Rental Property Safe

Some sources say that every 13 seconds, a burglary is committed in the United States. While you may not be able to do much to prevent these kinds of statistics for the whole country, there are some things you can do to prevent burglaries from happening at your...

What We Inspect

We include many items on our home inspections (more than can be enumerated on here in this post). From footings to roof, we go through every square inch of your home possible. Below are just some of the many hundreds of items that are included on your home inspection....

Thorough Home Inspections Protect Your Future

I may be partial, but a thorough home inspection is probably the most important step when buying a home. The home inspection doesn't tell you what your interest rates will be, how your home will be financed, or what your homeowner's insurance policy will look like....

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