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With the warm weather upon us, it’s a beautiful time to enjoy the great outdoors – of our backyards! Hopefully, you’ve already had a chance to fire up the grill and enjoy some barbecued food. Whether you’re starting it up for the first time this year, or you’ve already been giving it a lot of use, we’ve got some tips to help you use your grill safely.

First, you’ll definitely want to use your grill in an open, well-ventilated space. The last thing you want to deal with is melted siding on your house or a charred stairway on your deck. Also, prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide from charcoal can be very dangerous to your health.

Second, check for loose or damaged parts on your grill, and keep it clean! Propane grills especially have a number of additional parts that should be checked. This kind of inspection is especially important for your first time grilling after a long time of not using it.

We hope these simple suggestions will help you to use your grill safely this summer!

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